Capsule Studio is a prefabricated 3D living space for augmented and virtual reality. The studio mixes Scandinavian and mid-century modern design into a single package so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting - it’s already built; just import the token or it’s URI into any webpage, application, or metaverse, put some of your other NFTs up on the walls and exterior, and you’re ready to go. If you want to own the studio as a standalone art piece, you can even download the original file from the token metadata and walk through it in AR on your phone to show your friends while offline.

Walking into the studio you’re met straight away with your workspace and a ladder up to loft. Right below the loft is the restroom, a spacious shower with a rainfall shower head and a large mirror. Across the wall from the bathroom is a standard kitchen with a sink, stove, counter space, and an island for dining. The living room has an original wooden table from the 1950s and spotlight to give it character, a generous ground-level couch, and a rack to hang your bicycle on. Right behind the couch is the jaw-dropping window with a hand-drawn shimmer texture that showcases the inside of the studio for people from afar to be able to see inside. If you like privacy, you can import a beveled plane into your application/metaverse and slide it in on the inside of the window, and it will be like there never was one.

Everything combined into the studio creates for a cohesive meeting space and mini gallery.