Interdimensional Time Machine House is an experiment pushing the gravity of different rooms in a house in different directions so as to make the viewer confused on where the house starts and where it ends.

It’s partially inspired by the perspective drawings of M.C. Escher, specifically around the direction of stairs and doorways. The combination of these different room results in a sphere that sort of feels like it’s folding in on itself and “entering” a new dimension - the dimension of time. There are cables and hardware connections attached on the outside of the house that are being used as an energy source powering the house’s travel through this new dimension.

On the left side there’s a hand with flowers, alluding to some of my earliest series of works called the Yellow Flowers and the White Flowers. On the top right is an allusion to another piece I made called Morpho Mountain, accompanied with some bonsai trees and a quote from the sign painter. The sign painter is a character from one of my favorite childhood games “World of Goo” who would lead you through the game and give you hints on where you’re supposed to go.

All of this encapsulated in a computer window gives the piece a simulated feel, as if maybe we ourselves are simulated, entering new dimensions of our lives in the passage of time.