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The goal of many of my drawings lately is simply to force my mind to quiet.

"A Fluid Moment" follows drops of colored ink as they cascade downward through the maze of the subconscious.

These line drawings are created in one continuous motion without picking up the pen. Colored gradients and shapes are applied afterward, balancing positive and negative space in harmony.

1/1 Digital Artwork by Efdot

4100 x 5100 px

Efdot is a colorblind visual artist, designer and creative director and based in Brooklyn, NY. His playful and meditative drawing practices produce vivid, flowing compositions evocative of moods, moments and the passage of time. He is well known for his large scale murals that have been installed around the world. Efdot has spearheaded artist collaborations with a number of global brands including Nike, Apple, Adobe, the New York Knicks and the USA Skateboarding National team.